Latest Research

Check out the following exciting latest research that has been recently conducted in our lab!


  • What to Expect When You are No Longer Expecting: Information Needs of Women who Experienced a Miscarriage (paper | video)
  • Exploring the Use of Electronics to Customize Pervasive Health Technologies with Older Adult Crafers (paper | video | blog )
  • Gender, Soft Skills, and Patient Experience in Online Physician Reviews: A Large-Scale Text Analysis (paper)
  • Not Another Medication Adherence App: Critical Reflections on Addressing Public HIV-related Stigma Through Design (paper | video | blog)
  • Changing Roles and Contexts: Symbolic Interactionism in the Sharing of Food and Eating Practices between Remote, Intergenerational Family Members (paper | video | blog)
  • Can I Take a Break?: Facilitating In-home Respite Care for Family Caregivers of Older Adults (paper)
  • Examining Mobility Among People Living with HIV in Rural Areas (paper | video)
  • Towards Supporting Data-Driven Practices in Stroke Telerehabilitation Technology (paper)



Proactive Health Informatics