HomeSHARE Webinar – Nov 1st.

Aging researchers: join this webinar to learn how you can access HomeSHARE for your research… a network of older adults living in their homes. Nov 1 @ 10am or 3pm EST.

Design4Diversity Insights: Article on IEEE Xplore

An article covering the use of participatory design in research with diverse populations has been published in the 2019 spring issue of IEEE Xplore! The article highlights the main takeaways and insights derived from the Design4Diversity workshop that was organized...

CHI2019 SIG: ARC, Moving the Method Forward

PhD students Cassie Kresnye, Ben Jelen, and Fernando Maestre with Profs. Katie Siek and Patrick Shih from IU along with researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Edinburgh will host a SIG on the use of the ARC method …
Proactive Health Informatics